the next generation premium mobile toilets combining state of the art technology and style.

Our new WC2 and WC3 toilets perfect for spectacular weddings and parties as well as for events with VIP enclosures, combining state of the art technology and style.

No-touch sensor taps


Vacuum flush

Luxury toiletries

Central heating

Stunning Interiors

We have two different types of premium, vacuum flush toilets in our range:

1. WC2: Opera

WC2 combines sophisticated style with the latest fresh water vacuum technology to deliver a level of refined luxury.

2. WC3: Manhattan

Perfect for spectacular weddings and parties as well as for events with VIP enclosures, the WC3 is a combination of state of the art technology and style.

Features: Why choose vacuum flush?

Chemical free flush

Our vacuum flush technology removes the need for the chemicals that traditional mobile toilets reply on to flush

Kinder to the environment

Along with the vacuum our toilets use just 0.5 litres of clean water per flush – a tenth of a household toilet – reducing waste

Vacuum flush removes odours

With each vacuum flush much of the stale air within the cubicle is also removed and replaced with fresh air from outside

Stays fresh throughout your event

Our premium toilets rely on clean water & vacuum technology to flush – not recycled waste like tradtional mobile toilets – and so stay fresher for longer

Vacuum Flush vs Traditional flush

The clean, odour-free, fresh water alternative

In traditional luxury portable toilet trailers each time a toilet is used, the waste is recycled and recirculated, refilling the cisterns and carrying out the flush. Chemicals are added to the waste to mask the odour, however, it’s not as hygienic as a household toilet which uses fresh water to flush the system, and unpleasant odours can occur as time passes and more waste is passed through the system.

Portable toilets can’t replicate the more hygienic household toilet flush because at around five litres of water used per flush it’s simply not possible to carry enough water around to allow flushing for any length of time.

Our vacuum flush toilets are different, making use of vacuum technology which removes the need for chemicals and recycling of waste.

Vacuum flush technology is clean, odour-free, and uses minimal fresh water sucking the waste from the unit and into a sealed container, ensuring a truly clean and fresh toilet space for the entirety of your event. And using just 0.4 litre per flush, vacuum flush technology actually uses less water than a household toilet, and removes any odours and replaces them with fresh air from outside.

"Thanks to Simon and the team for recommending these toilets for our event. Lots of our guests commented on just how special these toilets are, I can attest to the fact that they are not at all, in any way, your average event toilets"

Jackie, ESS customer

Get in touch: Ask us about our premium toilets

If you have any questions about our premium toilets, then please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, or advise on the best way to cater for your event.

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