ESS fridge trailers are a cost effective way of looking after your food and drink

Hiring one of our refrigerated trailers takes away the worry of keeping all your wine, beer and food at the right temperature throughout your event. They’re easily plugged in, making them much more convenient and cost effective than hiring several stand-up fridges. They’re also great for filling in when you have a power outage or when your business needs a little extra cold storage.

ESS Fridge Trailers: The benefits

Large capacity

Our fridge trailers are much larger than several stand up fridges or chest freezers, giving you much greater capacity in which to store all your goods.

Regulated temperature

All our refrigeration units have fully automatic thermostatic control which means they temperature will remain consistent throughout. All units feature electronically programmed defrosting.

Mains powered or via generator

These units are easily plugged in, making them much more convenient, or, in case of an outage or an absence of mains power we can provide a generator.

Choose between fridge or freezer

Our trailers can be programmed to temperatures of between XX degrees C and +10 degrees C, so you can keep your good chilled or frozen.

"Simon provided a fridge trailer for our wedding and it helped enormously. It was massively convenient, really cost effective and worked perfectly throughout."

Dan, ESS customer

Humbaur Fridge Trailer

Fridge Trailer Hire

Keep all your wine, beer and food at the perfect temperature throughout your event

Get in touch: Ask us about our fridge trailers

If you have any questions about our fridge trailer hire, then please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, or advise on the best way to cater for your event.

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